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  • 934 AW commander gives thoughts on Veterans Day

    Veterans Day, as we all know, is a very special day for all Americans. But to those of us who are veterans ourselves, it has a very special and added meaning.  Memories come back of families and old comrades--of distant days and places from the past.The beauty of Veterans Day is that it gives us the

  • The deployed chaplain

    Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, Air Force chief of staff, earlier this year challenged the chaplain corps with these words: "Give me more of what you gave me on deployment."  The meaning of these words was not lost on those chaplains and chaplain assistants who have deployed in support of OEF/OIF in the

  • CTIP--be aware of this significant issue

    Like some of you, my initial reaction to Combating Trafficking in Persons was, "Oh great, yet another CBT and what does this have to do with our mission?" However, it's readily apparent that this is an extremely significant issue given the incredible effort the Federal Government, and especially the

  • Deployment preparation--it's all about questions and answers

    A large number of concerns come to mind when I think about preparing for a deployment. Have I packed everything I need?Do my parents or spouse need a Power of Attorney?Do I need a will?Who will pay my bills?Are my SGLI beneficiaries up to date?Do I need insurance on my vehicle if no one is driving

  • Reflecting on change

    I work at an academic institution and this time of year brings with it the start of a new semester and academic year. Whenever one cycle is complete, we begin to reflect on the past as well as plan for the future. Every year at this time I look forward to an article published by Beloit College

  • What a ride!

    As I look back on my military career, I am amazed at what I've been a part of that anyone who has not served would not even know existed. My whole career has been associated with military aircraft and I've gotten to play with almost every different kind at some point. During my tech school, we

  • Don’t Forget the Vet

    There's a story I heard many years ago that has resonated with me. The facts have become blurry over time and quite frankly I'm not sure if it was based on a real person or not. That being said, the moral of the story has stuck with me. The story went something like this:Many years ago a group of

  • Interfly mission opens new possibilities

    The Interfly MissionLt Col Chris SedlacekAs a Reserve organization, we have the task of continually seeking efficient methods to train and equip our members to accomplish the wing mission of providing worldwide tactical airlift and combat support. In order to be successful in the execution of our

  • True discipline

    Seventy years ago the Allied Forces launched Operation Overlord or D-Day, the invasion of the Normandy Coast of France and the beginning of the end of the Nazi German occupation of Europe. The 96th Troop Carrier Squadron assigned to the 440th Troop Carrier Group played an integral role in the

  • Parting thoughts

    My original blog was supposed to be about the future of the 934thth, but with my pending move to Buckley AFB, Colorado at the end of May, I thought I would take this time to say goodbye. Let me start by saying "Thank you." In 2012, when I heard I would be returning to the 934th, I was excited and