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  • Are you medically ready?

    Are you medically ready? This statement can mean a bunch of different things but for us as Reserve members I'm referring to your capability to be world-wide qualified and ready to go, medically!The most important responsibility YOU have is to keep your Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) current! 

  • Trafficking in persons not just an OCONUS issue

    Combatting Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) is an important consideration for all of us.  DoDI 2200.01 requires each service to formulate policy and guidance to educate and inform service members on CTIP in order to increase awareness so they can better identify and report suspected trafficking.   AFI

  • Our future Airmen

    What does the future hold?  What will our future Airmen look like?  The answers are probably closer to science fiction than we would like to believe.  As I sit and reflect on over 20 years in the Air Force phrases like: the more things change the more they stay the same, the only constant is change

  • Not your daddy's BMT

    Since I have been working with the Development & Training Flight for the last year, I get to hear from returning Airmen who are freshly graduated from Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT).  My eyes have really been opened to just how much it has changed since I went through in 2002.  It is

  • Equality for whom?

    Equality for whom?  The answer of course is 'everyone'!  But words can be cheap.  In real life 'everyone' is a smaller group than we think.  Consider this: equality is like air; you don't think about it until you don't have it. So who thinks about equality?  Buying houses, looking for jobs, seeking

  • Who needs awards?

    What better way to say thank you for your efforts than an award or decoration.  Awards are an important tool in recognizing employees for their contributions to the mission.  It's a permanent and lasting reminder that they are appreciated. I hear weekly about individuals that haven't ever received a

  • So why all the exercises?

     Well, the easy answer is because the AFI say so, right? Wrong, while this might be true, it is not the main reason.Let's compare exercises to taking a Physical Fitness test.  You do not just wake one day and say that you are going to do 65 push-ups, 70 sit-ups and run the 1.5 miles in 8 minutes. 

  • Three deployments, three valuable experiences

    Are you trained and ready for a deployment?  As a logistician, I've had three deployments since  September 11, 2001.  I can't say I was fully trained for the deployments, but they were experiences that I will never forget.For my first deployment, my functional manager said I was deploying to Kabul

  • The OPR/EPR challenge

    Career wise, what have you done for you lately?  Unless you have been in some serious form of denial, you know that a lot of importance and weight have been placed upon PME and CCAF or an advanced degree.  However, I think that OPRs and EPRs are the building blocks to a person's career.  Each person

  • Anticipating the curveball

    In the game of baseball, the pitcher will often try to fool the batter with various pitches thrown, whether it's a fastball, changeup, or curveball. Just as in baseball, life can throw us a curve and catch us off guard. Because of life-changing events, we should have a plan in place in case