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  • 934th CES gives boost to PRIME BEEF

    Capt Joseph J. Kattar 934 CESThe 934 Civil Engineer Squadron mission statement is to "Train and equip Prime BEEF teams to deploy worldwide, providing direct combat support for operations forces, wherever and whenever called." For 2014, the squadron has a fantastic project lined up that speaks to the

  • In the world of recognition, you most often get what you ask for

    My mother had a saying she used quite often, "you have to make your own happiness and not expect anyone else to make it for you." I used to think she was crazy because I figured I could leave my happiness fate in the hands of other people - children, bosses, spouse, friends, family, etc. One thing

  • C-130 mission reaches beyond Air Force

    So there I was, checking in to Naval Air Station Corpus Christi to report for my next stage of pilot training, where most C-130 pilots-to-be were sent for the advanced multi-engine course. I was surprised when a Navy captain in his dress whites came up to me holding a dollar bill saying "Hey,

  • The challenging climate

    Minnesota's challenging climate. At face value that statement seems fairly obvious, especially after this wicked winter, but that's not where I am going. I think I'll re-phrase it to the 934th's challenging climate.So what is so challenging? I think it's just about everything. As a member of the

  • Opportunites abound for enlisted flyers at 934th

    "Oh, so you're in the Air Force? Are you a pilot?" If you are or have been in the Air Force, I'm sure you've had that question posed to you by young and old. They usually don't understand all the different job specialties the Air Force has to offer. However, I usually inadvertently confuse the

  • The invisible Airman

    Over a century ago, H.G. Wells wrote a famous story about a scientist who found a way to make himself invisible. This is the classic tale of "The Invisible Man". It was a successful story that led to several remakes and various television shows. The story was about a scientist who was successful in

  • These are the good old days

    I hear this all the time: "It's time to retire. It's not as fun as it used to be." If I had a dollar for every time I heard that since I joined the Reserve in 1999, I'd have enough to buy myself a first class ticket to Sochi for some luge lessons.It's not that it isn't at least somewhat true. I too

  • Preparing for deployment-it's not just about you

    Preparing for's not just about youSo you've been chosen for a deployment! Congratulations! You're about to embark upon one of the most exciting and stressful endeavors of your life. There are few greater opportunities than to deploy with your unit, but how does one great ready for

  • The mathematical equation of happiness

    I recently read about the surge of research in the areas of sustained happiness and joy. Reading more on the subject, I discovered something fascinating. The secret to long, sustained happiness can be found in a math equation. Now, as someone who hated math in school, I was a little hesitant to

  • Who needs an Enlisted Development Plan?

    Enlisted Development Plans - to many SNCOs this is a new term. Across the Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members are scratching their heads a bit and asking what is an EDP and why should I have one.Both are good questions, and need good answers. Suppose you are a SNCO, and you