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Join the Air Force Office of Transformational Innovation and Dr. Gorguinpour at the Defense Energy summit in Austin Texas. Join the stakeholders and working groups who are building the foundation for a new Defense Energy of Excellence. Find more information at: www.defenseenergy.com
SINET Showcase provides a platform to identify and highlight “best-of-class" security companies that are addressing industry and government’s most pressing needs and requirements. http://www.security-innovation.org/showcase_2015.htm November 3-4, 2015 The National Press Club—Washington, DC
The Assistant Secretary of Air Force (Acquisition), in conjunction with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, is pleased to announce an Industry Day to discuss the Air Force's NDMA Airworthiness (AW) Accreditation Process. The Government is providing opportunities for interested companies to meet with USAF NDMA Office representatives during One-on-One Sessions for industry presentations and discussions. You MUST pre-register via email to attend this event no later than 3:00 PM EDST Wednesday 4 November 2015. To pre-register, email the information requested below to: USAF.Airworthiness.Office@us.af.mil <a href="https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=df43aae5a03ddc3b36ffc1c1307b6511&tab=core&_cview=0" target="_blank">https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=df43aae5a03ddc3b36ffc1c1307b6511&tab=core&_cview=0</a>
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USAFA Annual Awards Ceremony is Friday. Get to know the Civilian Cat I of the Year nominees today and tune in Frid… https://t.co/oQh7u1zchD
Yesterday @SpaceForceCSO spoke with USAFA Class of '21 cadets who have been selected to join the @SpaceForceDoD. G… https://t.co/TsA0ibJG32
Recognition starts in one week! Here are a few memories of the Class of 2021 recognition. What memories do you have… https://t.co/qVgN9523Ei
On this day in 1976, Capt. Lance Sijan, Class of ’65, posthumously becomes the first USAFA grad to be awarded the M… https://t.co/Li1Xfm54Cj
#Letsfly over USAFA with Capt. Andrea Moffett, Class of 2016, in the UH-1N from FE Warren AFB, WY. 📷Chia-Hsiang Sh… https://t.co/dPMEOdEKg2
Coming up soon from Association of Graduates' professional development series, the Management Department: quality c… https://t.co/GEhIdGErLu
USAFA Annual Awards Ceremony is Friday. Get to know the NCO of the Year nominees today and tune in Friday for live… https://t.co/8EFlKUU1P0
'Super' way to start your Wednesday! https://t.co/anvanVihCX
USAFA 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony is Friday! Meet the Airman of the Year Nominees and tune in Friday for live strea… https://t.co/aJL6PjmRDj
Cadets today are creating solutions for tomorrow. #EngineersWeek showcased projects providing a holistic approach t… https://t.co/ImUkr0CmyL
On this date in 1965....Capt. Hayden Lockhart Jr., Class of ’61, became the first USAFA graduate POW. Capt. Lockha… https://t.co/MHrQRSNTaR
March is #WomensHistoryMonth. Today women make up 21% of the US Air Force and 30% of the USAFA Class of 2024. https://t.co/jasTWEz0R7
#Mondaymotivation Colorado on my mind.📷 Daniel Hayase https://t.co/9NzqyfkVxm
C1C Alicia Alexander is making dreams come true. During #BlackHistoryMonth she shares her story of perseverance an… https://t.co/akBonaILxL
Rewatch any #NCLS2021 Live-Event in our YouTube Playlist: https://t.co/xjaeP4EhRy On-Demand Speakers Available Her… https://t.co/QLQq1haMKW
#NCLS2021 | @SpaceForceCSO closes us out in the Challenge Ceremony. Thanks to all the amazing speakers we've had ov… https://t.co/J6awol3ZAp
#NCLS2021 | @SpaceForceCSO closes us out today in the Challenge Ceremony! We're so humbled by all the great minds w… https://t.co/XCaJZoAocd
RT @20FW_BOST: Thanks @StanMcChrystal for your wisdom at #NCLS2021 today. Key takeaway: If you empower people to take a swing and they don'…
#NCLS2021 | @cmsaf_official is Live on YouTube! Find out how she views #WarriorEthos and what it takes to be a lead… https://t.co/1u7rT38eij

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