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Pilot Hiring

The next Pilot Hiring Selection Board will be held during the April 2019 UTA (6-7) weekend  with applications due NLT 1 March.

For complete information please see the MSP Pilot Hiring Guide here. You can download the application here.

For an application to be considered for a pilot position you must:

  • Be qualified physically and mentally
  • Be a U.S. citizen capable of obtaining a Secret security clearance.
  • Meet minimum scores on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT).
  • Have taken the Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS) and received test scores. TBAS may not be taken earlier than two weeks after AFOQT.
  • Provide full disclosure of DUI(s), traffic violations, arrests and convictions. Law violations do not necessarily disqualify an individual but non-disclosure of any offense is disqualifying!
  • Be no more than 30 years old when you start pilot training and/or have no more than 5 years of commissioned services. (normally you will start pilot training approximately one and a half years after the date of the board) Because of the processing lead times, we will not normally interview a candidate who is older than 28 1/2 years old at the time the board meets.
  • Flying experience is a plus, but not required

Pilot Medical Qualifications:

  1. Eyes: Distance vision of 20/70 or better, corrected to 20/20
  2. Near vision of 20/20, uncorrected
  3. Normal color vision
  4. Hearing: No significant loss
  5. Standing Height - 64" to 77"
  6. Sitting Height: 33" to 40" measured from the base of the spine
  7. Weight: between 103 and 240 pounds and in relation to height
  8. Blood Pressure: Maximum of 140/90, measured in a sitting position
  9. Eye Surgery: Applicants who have had successful eye surgery more than one year prior to the interview date are eligible to apply

Contact Information:

Capt. Dan Tate (612) 713-1956, daniel.tate.3@us.af.mil

Capt. Justin Gort (612) 712-1458, justin.gort@us.af.mil

Squadron Pilot Scheduler (612) 713-1727

Application Contents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Typed Application Form (see Hiring Guide)
  • Resume (if applicable, include flying experience, ratings, certificates and flying hours in single engine, multi-engine, jet and pilot-in-command in your resume)
  • Copy of your AFOQT scores (if you have taken the test twice, please include BOTH test score sheets)
  • Copy of your TBAS scores
  • College Transcripts (Official Sealed transcripts preferred)
  • Copy of Diploma or a Statement of Intent to Graduate with Bachelor's Degree (See Hiring Guide)
  • Letters of Recommendations obtained and dated within one year
  • Copy of the last two pages from your Flight Log Book (to show current flight hours)
  • Copy of your Private Pilot License (if applicable)
  • Corrective Eye Surgery (PRK/LASIK/LASEK) Waiver Criteria Checklist (if applicable)
  • If a member of the military, include copies of the last three performance appraisals (EPR or OPR) or DD 214 for formal military members