Summer heat and alcohol increase safety risks

  • Published
  • By 307th BW Public Affairs
  • 307th Bomb Wing

Traveling and outdoor recreations draw people outdoors during the summer months. Sometimes the dangers of these activities can be overlooked amidst the excitement.

Summer safety brings to mind heat-related illnesses and outdoor mishaps that can often be avoided with proper planning and situational awareness.

“The humidity and heat here bring another level of risk during the summer,” said David Griffore, 307th Bomb Wing Occupational Safety Specialist. “Airmen ramp up their fitness and recreation outdoors, then dehydration and heat exhaustion become real threats.”

Risk is inherent in heat related activities, both on and off duty for Airmen. By performing risk assessment and planning for outdoor activities during the summer, Airmen are better equipped to mitigate mishaps and illnesses.

There is added risk of dehydration and recreational mishaps when alcohol is involved, explained Griffore. For instance, people drinking alcohol during water recreations can become less observant of other swimmers, jet skiers, or passing boats.

“Longer days and outdoor recreational activities are highlights of the summer months,” said John P. Roth, Acting Secretary of the Air Force. “This exposes us to more risk, and when unmanaged, those risks can result in more injuries and illnesses.”

The Department of the Air Force has implemented Air Force Instruction 90-802, Risk Management to assist Airmen in identifying and controlling safety and health hazards to make informed decisions.

For additional summer safety information, visit the Air Force Safety Center website at