• Milestones accomplished as ‘Golden Medic’ exercise ends

    After nearly two weeks of intense training, building tents, surviving thunderstorms and simulating a real-world environment, the Golden Medic 2007 exercise at the Augusta Regional Airport - Bush Field and at Fort Gordon, Ga., concluded Tuesday. "Colonel (Janet) Moore-Harbert, your unit did an

  • Reserve C-130 crew keeps planes flying at “Golden Medic”

    Using fixed-wing aircraft away from an Air Force base during a training exercise often has maintenance and logistical obstacles to overcome. At the Golden Medic Exercise 2007 in Augusta, Ga., one Reserve C-130 crew performed exemplary service in overcoming maintenance challenges while providing

  • Helo crews keep churning out support for aerovac exercise

    As the contingency aeromedical support facility was notified of incoming patients during the Golden Medical Exercise 2007 at the Augusta Regional Airport - Bush Field, Ga., this past week, it was up to the crews of the 832nd Medical Company Air Ambulance detachment to deliver their passengers in a

  • ‘Golden Medic’ busy time for Aeromeds

    He stood in front of the Alaska-style tents that comprised the 706th Provisional contingency aeromedical support facility on a humid Georgia summer afternoon. As was the case with most deployments, there were hours of nothingness sandwiched between an hour of excitement. This was one of those times

  • Contingency Response Element one-stop shop for ‘Golden Medic’ aircrew

    It was a quiet morning. The sky was clear, but the air was pregnant with rising heat and bumbling humidity. Everything seemed to be going as planned. The aircraft was ready for departure, the patients were loaded, and the crew was in place. Inside the mobile air reporting communication unit located

  • 'Golden Medic' training replicates austere conditions

    Army Spc. Larry Rogers was on a dawn patrol when his Humvee was hit by an improvised explosive device, embedding two nickel-sized pieces of shrapnel in his left thigh. The Army medic applied direct pressure to stop the bleeding and sent him to the nearest expeditionary hospital for further

  • Exercise portion of Golden Medic in full swing

    The exercise portion of Golden Medic 2007, the Army Reserve's largest annual medical exercise, is now in full swing after nearly a week of classroom training and site preparations. The exercise started Friday afternoon.More than 400 Airmen from active duty, guard and reserve units, set up a base at

  • Medical students receive hands-on training at Golden Medic

    Students at the Golden Medic 2007 exercise Tuesday in Augusta, Ga., had a first-hand look at configuring a KC-135 aerial refueling aircraft for medical evacuation, not just by participating in classroom lectures or watching their instructors. They did it themselves. For most of the nearly 80

  • Exercise integrates Army, Air Force medical teams

    Leaders of the Army/Air Force joint exercise 'Golden Medic 2007' stressed the importance of integration between the two services' medical units in preparation for today's kickoff at the Augusta Regional Airport, Georgia. "Golden Medic 2007 is an extraordinary opportunity for all services - active,

  • Wing stands up to prepare for Golden Medic Exercise 2007

    The 706th Provisional Wing stood up here Sunday morning at the Augusta Regional Airport, Georgia, in preparation for Golden Medic Exercise 2007 from Tuesday through June 19. Golden Medic, in its 13th year, is the Army Reserve's largest annual exercise that integrates several armed services' medical

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