934th Airlift Wing commander shares holiday message

  • Published
  • By Col. Darrell G. Young
  • 934th Airlift Wing
It certainly is shaping up to be what Bing Crosby declares a "White Christmas" with all the snow storms we have been having lately. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing after beginning what looks like a long-term relationship with my snow shovel!

This is my first holiday season with you and after visiting many squadron and office parties yesterday, I have realized that not only are the men and women of the 934th Airlift Wing great at their jobs but they are also very festive! One of my mottos has always been, "Work hard, play hard". I certainly saw plenty of people enjoying themselves but I'm still trying to get the creepy elves of FSS out of my head!!!

In all seriousness, we must remember that while this is the season of celebration and happiness, it can also be a season of loneliness and despair. Some Airmen are unemployed, wondering how they will provide holiday cheer to their families. We need to ensure they know that we and our Airman and Family Readiness Center are there to help.
Look out for each other, invite a fellow Airman to your house for some holiday cheer or spend time talking with someone who might feel a little blue right now. This is a season to do something good for your fellow man/woman, let them know you care, look out for them. So take care of each other and have a safe holiday. See you next year ...