• Published
  • By Master Sgt. Scott Flaherty
  • 934th Security Forces Squadron
While playing poker, if you haven't spotted the sucker in ten minutes, chances are it's you. What's that statement have to do with this blog? Absolutely nothing - just wanted your attention real quick. Before you get distracted by that shiny penny, read what I have to say real quick and either contemplate it or disregard.

We are an "entitled" generation. Everyone wants something for nothing. We are constantly looking for the "bigger, better deal". This concept exists in the military as much as it does in the civilian world. Personal accountability sometimes seems to be a notion of the past. It is always someone else's responsibility to correct an issue. We all want that next promotion; that next stripe. But seriously, what have you done to deserve it?
I am constantly hearing gripes and complaints from coworkers about "that policy, this policy, training, not training." Why don't you do something then? From the enlisted point of view, we are all Airmen and it is our actions or inactions that create the environment around us. Should we discuss nature vs. nurture? Let's not! If you're complaining about the lack of training going on in your shop why don't you step up and conduct some? If you're complaining about how we conduct business why don't you come up with a better option and shoot it up the chain?
We are all functioning adults with cognitive ability. Use your capacity to think and come up with ideas on how to better your environment. Just act and maybe you won't be entitled to that next promotion, but perhaps you will deserve it.

I could go on but I see that shiny penny rolling by so I'll let you go. If you've ever said, "I don't say anything because it'll never get fixed," then you are part of the problem. Look around again.....don't be the sucker!