LeBlanc settles in

  • Published
  • By Col. Cam LeBlanc
  • 934th MXG Commander
As I settle in for my second assignment here at the 934th some things have changed, some stayed the same, and some are still up in the air. Last time I was here (97-02) I was the Logistics Group commander. LSS was part of the group and we had 10 pristine C-130Es. The old lodging building was still there, the Major Dan Anderson building had not been built yet, and the main gate was off of the frontage road.

There are still a lot of folks around the base that were here 10 years ago. In fact in the group there's at least 50 percent or better, friendly faces that I recognize. My office has moved from Bldg. 801 to Bldg. 821, but most of the facilities in the group and on base are the same. And my former secretary is now working for the wing commander.

Of course, the Force Structure Announcement is the wild card in this assignment and is something that we will need to deal with as more decisions are made in the future. I still have not seen half of our aircraft fleet nor many of our group members as they are just about to return from an outstanding deployment.

As our aircraft return from deployment we still have a lot to do. We still have our scheduled ISO inspections to perform. We will also be scheduling the post-deployment inspections. The planes need their down time like our folks do. And we will also be continuing the aircraft refurbishing program to maintain the high standard of appearance which compliments the high level that the aircraft are maintained at. Both are benchmarks that the group and wing are well known for.

We still have a little readiness business to attend to with the ORE and ORI ahead of us. We will learn what we need to improve on from our recent RAV so we are ready for our future events.

On a personal note we now consider Minnesota home. In reality we have been for the last 10 years. I will be traveling back to California one more time to bring the other Colonel LeBlanc back after she retires from the ART program in June. That means more time with our two sons that stayed here and our two (soon to be three) grandsons that live here around the cities. Being back here in Minnesota means more hockey for me to play , (anyone need a goalie?) and Wild games to go to. Oh yeah, buy a new boat too!

Finally, as long as I am here I will continue to emphasis three points: First, do your best. Second, follow tech data. And finally, stay focused. If we do those three things, everything else will fall into place.

It's great to be back here at the 934th and I look forward to seeing you around the base.