We are all in this together

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Ted Ruminsky
  • 934th Security Forces Squadron commander
We are all in this together. I say this often to the personnel I work with and I mean it. When I say it, I am usually referring to my squadron, but it most certainly may be used in broader context of the wing, the Air Force, DoD, and even good ole' USA. I say it when needed to remind or reassure an individual or a group that they have wingmen; wingmen there to provide them cover or that may need cover from them. I say it to energize the needs of the group over the individual.

I like to use the analogy of a sports team whenever I need to explain, "we are all in this together." In a football analogy, all the players have a position for which they are responsible. On each play, each individual player has an assignment or route, designed to work in concert with each other for the benefit of all. On the offensive side of the ball, for instance, teams that execute their plays well tend to move the ball down the field.

They are successful because all of the team members are playing their position and taking care of their own area of responsibility. They are each doing their part, their assigned task. They are each doing their duty. When one or more players don't execute their responsibilities well, the results are often immediate. The entire team suffers. It is a broken play; an interception, a sack, a fumble, a loss of yardage, etc.

To be successful, the players need to be committed to the team. They must study their craft, whether the reading the playbook or watching film of other teams. The must ensure the integrity of their equipment. They must maintain their physical fitness. They must tend to their medical readiness. They must practice and train for their position. These are all individual responsibilities, but each member is accountable to the team, because the team suffers if any member does not pull their weight.

So it is with the Air Force. We all share a common purpose, we are all on the same team. It starts when we swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. We wear our distinctive uniforms that identify us as members of the Air Force. We all received standardized basic military training. Our Air Force Instructions provide us with the parameters in which to operate, by establishing standards with which we comply. We are part of the ultimate team, sworn defenders of our nation.

Like the football analogy, each Airman has a role, or position, to play. When we each do our part, the part for which are responsible, the team moves the ball down the field. Ultimately, that's the goal, to win. And win or lose, we are all in this together.