What's in the works around the base?

  • Published
  • By Les Canarr
  • 934 AW civil engineer
The last couple years have seen the 934 Airlift Wing construction budget slashed due to the fiscal constraints within the Department of Defense. However we have received some funding, and in this Blog I will attempt to briefly summarize what is happening in construction on-base today, and what we might expect within the next fiscal year.

We finished the beautiful picnic pavilion last fall and had the ribbon cutting in late May. This new pavilion is situated near the fitness center, building 778, and through the Fitness Center staff will be available for reservations this summer. Go take a look and enjoy, it will be a welcome addition for Family Day this year.

In your travels around base over these last couple weeks you probably saw work beginning on the current phase of our multi-year plan to replace all the damaged sections of our 60-year old aircraft ramp and apron. This current $1.3M project is replacing a large section of concrete in front of the engine shop (building 822) and should be complete by the fall of 2013. Our phased plan is to try and do one ramp and apron project each year for another 3-5 years, funding dependent.

The Army Corp of Engineers has just started a Defense Fuels funded project to expand the aviation fuel pump house over in the POL yard. This small project will expand building 602 to house some automation equipment that injects a special additive into our aircraft fuel. The work should be complete by the end of the summer.

After many years of persistence and pushing at our Command, we have finally secured funding to repair the Maintenance Group Men's locker room and bathroom on the east side of building 821. This project has been long coming as the space has been identified as being sub-standard for many years. The work should start soon and be completed by the end of the summer.

We also have a series of projects that are not yet awarded, but are close. These projects either have current bids which are under technical evaluation, or are being prepared to be advertised for bid solicitation and eventual award. The goal is to award all of these projects this fiscal year. Here are five that I hope will go:

1. New air condition system in the communication center, building 761: This project will increase the size and efficiency of the current system that is keeping some critical communication center equipment cool.

2. Maintain and repair the fuel cell, building 870: This project will complete some direly needed repairs and safety upgrades for this ANG/AFRC joint use facility. We had this ready to go last fiscal year but just missed the funding. It will be a great project and will greatly enhance the facility.

3. Repair and alter facility for new Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Flight, building 750: This new EOD mission was given to the 934 a couple years ago and funding was finally reserved this year to execute a project that will expand and remodel an existing 40-year old facility to allow this new flight to more efficiently and effectively execute their mission.