• Published
  • By Amy Kemp-Wellmeier
  • 908th Airlift Wing

Suicide Prevention is about increasing our awareness of what is going on for a person who is struggling with possible suicidal thoughts. The truth is that often if someone is thinking about suicide, they won’t always say anything about it. Taking the time to notice some important behaviors and mood changes may make all the difference in our ability to help prevent suicide. Some non-verbal pleas for help can include:

1. Withdrawal from family, friends, and society in general

2. A drop in mood or mood changes that remain over an extended period of time

3. No longer seem to care for their personal hygiene or appearance

4. Behaving recklessly or in ways that seem out of character

5. Poor diet, over-eating, or lack of appetite

6. Difficulty with concentration and memory

7.  Showing formally uncharacteristic anger or in a constant rage

8. Change in sleeping patterns. Not being able to sleep, having restless sleep, or a major increase in time spent asleep

9.  Start, or increase, in drug or alcohol use

10. Giving away possessions and items that are sentimental

11. A sudden change from a negative mood to a “hyper positive” mood or life outlook.

IF they do talk to you they may:

1. Express feelings of hopelessness

2. Have a belief that no one loves them or believing they’re a burden to others

3. Express feelings of worthlessness or loneliness

4. Have a fixation on death

If you notice any of these possible signs of suicide in yourself or in others, please don’t try to deal with it alone.  There are a number of support services available to help.  Don’t hesitate to call or stop by any of the 908th Support Service Providers for more information or to discuss any concerns you may have.

-Amy Kemp, (908th Director of Psychological Health)                       334-953-5980

-908th Chaplain                                                                                  334-953-5372

-Airman and Family Readiness                                                         334-953-9018

-Military Family Life Counselor                                                          334-559-0702

-Veterans Crisis Line                                                                         1-800-273-8255

-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Available 24 hours).               1-800-273-8255