934th Airlift Wing SAPR Program

Message from Col. Polashek:

In the Global Viking wing, our members are our most critical resource.  Our mission's success depends upon a strong team with unity of purpose and unity of effort from each and every one of us.  We all deserve a professional environment, where our members feel safe and secure.  This allows us to expertly conduct our duties in support of our mission.

Be a good wingman!  Preventing sexual assault is one way a wingman can really make a difference.  If you see a situation that could lead to poor behavior or if someone is in need of assistance - take action. It's the right thing to do. 

Victims of sexual assault will have the full support of this wing to provide sensitive care in the event of an incident. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure a victim receives the care they need and deserve, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident. Their care is our primary concern.

We cannot state this in any stronger terms - sexual assault is a crime that will not be tolerated. Our wing will take every action necessary to hold accountable anyone who commits this act of violence - regardless of rank or position. Every Airman deserves to be treated with respect, and every Airman is expected to act with honor. We have no place in our ranks for, and cannot tolerate, those who will not. 

With the united effort of every member of the Viking wing, we will succeed in creating a zero tolerance environment and preventing these acts of violence.

SAPR Reporting Options

For a victim of sexual assault, there are two reporting options.

  • When a victim provides information regarding a sexual assault to the SARC, Alt-SARC any healthcare provider, Victim Advocate (VA), the information will be kept confidential (restricted) if desired by the victim. This enables the victim to receive medical and psychological care, as well as victim advocacy services, without the requirement for command notification and associate law enforcement investigation
  • Victim may disclose details of assault to specific individuals, the SARC, Victim Advocate, Health Care Provider) without triggering investigative process
  • Chaplains may receive reports but they are not restricted reports unless forwarded to the SARC

  • Any report made to other than the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) or healthcare provider is considered an unrestricted report and may result in a formal investigation of the assault by AFOSI or other appropriate law enforcement agencies
  • Sexual assault report made through normal reporting channels
  • Report made to SARC or healthcare provider where the individual does not elect restricted reporting
  • SARC notified and VA assigned

What do you do if...

What do you do if an Airman is sexually assaulted?

1. Most important, make certain they are physically safe. Get them out of the situation; call local law enforcement (911) if you need help. 

2. Medical care is crucial. You can contact the SARC (612-368-8128) for assistance in locating a provider without disclosing personal information.
Medical care is very important. Not only can a forensic exam gather evidence of sexual contact, but
Any injuries are documented and treated,
Assessment for possible sexually transmitted disease transmittal,
And prophylactic pregnancy care.
3. Encourage the victim to get help. Sexual assault victims often feel isolated and blame themselves for the event. Prompt intervention supports recovery. 

Reporting Options (cont.)

Bystander Report
  • Information about a sexual assault disclosed to command from an independent or third-party source. An official investigation may be initiated based upon an independent report
  • Someone other than the victim reports that he or she has information about a sexual assault incident and reports it to anyone in the victim's chain of command and/or law enforcement
Expedited Transfer 

  • Sexual assault victims making an UNRESTRICTED credible report may request a temporary or permanent transfer to another location within their command or installation. The request is submitted to the CO, who must approve/disapprove within 72 hours of receiving the request
  • If the CO disapproves the request, the victim may request review by the first G/FO in the chain of command
  • For the Reserve Component, the victim shall be allowed to train on separate weekends, or with a different unit. Potential transfer of the alleged offender shall be considered as well in order to minimize the impact on the victim and their family

Local Resources:

Hennepin County Medical Center Sexual Assault Resource Service Telephone: 612-873-5832.

The Sexual Assault Resources Service (SARS) provides assistance to victims of rape and sexual assault through area hospital emergency departments 24 hours a day. SARS counselors meet with victims and their families at HCMC and other participating hospitals to complete the evidentiary exam and to help them cope with the trauma and consequences of the assault.


Regions Hospital, St Paul. Emergency Room

Ramsey County Sexual Violence Services, 651-266-1000, answered 24/7. 
24-hour crisis counseling, advocacy, information and referral, advocacy and support during medical, police and legal procedures Individual counseling and support groups, Referral for therapy, shelter and financial needs, Community education programs on sexual violence, Awareness and prevention, in-service training and consultation for professionals
Website: http://www.co.ramsey.mn.us/ph/hs/sos.htm 

Minnesota Sexual Assault Information, Resources and Support

DoD Safe Helpline

Contact Information


934th 24 Hour SAPR Hotline  612-386-8128 

DoD Safe Helpline: 877-995-5247


Liz Henze, MSW, LICSW

Phone: 612-713-1315, DSN: 783-1315


Alt SARC: 

Captain Danielle Greenhill

Phone: 612-713-1129, DSN: 783-1129


Mike Sanford (Civilian)

Phone: 612-713-1159 DSN: 783-1159

Matt Fors (ART)

Civilian: 612-713-1689, DSN: 783-1689

Jenny Delzer (ART)

Phone: 612-713-1162, DSN: 783-1162

Briana Hall (TR)

Civilian: 612-713-1892, DSN: 783-1892